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Information regarding the training

G11 and Rigger course

The Rigger training is all in all 9 days training, the theoretical part is 4 days and the practical part is 5 days. How you choose to do the theoretical part is up to you, your alternatives are:

E-learning theory (click here to read more about e-learning) our e-learning system is built on 4 days of theoretical training  and is a documented training. You must have read and understood the theory before you come to us. You can study at your own pace in peace and quiet. It includes modules O 1.1 O 2.2 and O 2.3 5 days of practice.

G11 is a classroom based theory for 3 days. Giving you the module 1.1 and 2.3. This training is a certified training and follows the rules from “Forskrift om bruk av arbeidsutstyr”.

The difference between the theoretical parts is that you need Module 1.1 and Module 2.3 if you want to proceed within crane and lifting. It also demands that we as a company are certified to be allowed to train in this area. with gives this education bit higher status.

The documented training (e-learning) is similar regarding the theory. However, it is important to choose the right one depending on which direction you want to proceed later. If you have plans to work as a mechanic or similar within service and maintenance field, documented training is an excellent choice.



You can come to us and do the practical training part provided that you have either the 3-day classroom course (G11) or the 4 -day e-learning course, completed and approved

The practical rigger training is done at our facilities during 5 days. At the beginning of these 5 days, you will start with a written test. You should be able to demonstrate your knowledge with 80 % correct answers in order to continue with the rest of the training. These five days contains much practice but also a bit more about the use of lifting tables, how to write a CV, links to where you can search for work, and a little about the rules of living in Sweden but working in Norway.

After completing the program you should have a good understanding of: Fall protection, Lifting equipment, Rigging, CV-writing for the offshore industry and know where and how to search for work in the offshore industry. You will also have knowledge about different rules about working in Norway while living in Sweden.

Flange Work – Bolt Thightening

NS EN 1591-4 is a 4-day classroom based training containing both theory and practice. This training is based on a standard NS EN 1591-4 and are approved and used by Statoil, ConocoPhillips ect. 

The main objective of the training is to give you a basic knowledge about the preparation, planning, executing and documentation of work related to flange fitting with bolt tightening. It includes practical training where we use hydraulic torque tools and tension tools as well as standard torque wrenches. The Flange Work-course is good for those who want to work or are working as mechanics, plumbers, process engineer and rigger or similar.

Every 5 years, you need to update (re-certificate) your knowledge in this area in order to retain your certificate. The update can be done at our facilities during 1 day. If you fail to do your re-certificaate within the five years you will have to participate in a complete four day training to be able to get your certificate

Fall protection

The Fall protection course is 8 hours. The training consists of mainly theory.

The course will give you knowledge in for example these areas:

  • Review of personal protective equipment.
  • When fall accidents occur?
  • When should the fall protection equipment be used?
  • Anchoring points
  • Proper use of harnesses
  • Checking your own and others equipment (buddy check)
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance and storage
  • Disposal policies
G20 – Fixed hydraulic crane

Is a 2-day classroom-based education that is combined with theory and practice.

The main goal is to give you a basic knowledge of fixed hydraulic crane.  You get good knowledge of the crane’s design, function, maintenance and use. G20 is perfect education if you are going to work on a drilling deck, offshore or on vessels. The education works equally well in Sweden and Norway or elsewhere.

The accommodation during your stay

We have a partnership with [Good Morning Hotels]. The hotel is located in a shopping mall, Hallarna.

You have to book the accommodation yourself, contact us first to get the “booking code”

Cost of shared double room is 540 SEK night / person.

Single room is 980 SEK night/person.

Of course there are more basic accommodations such as hostels in Halmstad. We do not have partnerships with these, but call us and we will be happy to recommend good places to stay.

Certificate of competence

After completion of training a certificate of competence is sent to your home. The certificate of competence attests that you have passed your course. Before the competence certificate is issued you will receive a course certificate with you, meaning you can start searching for work immediately after completing the course.

Important Note:
The entire program must be paid before you can start your training with us. Wasa Kredit will help you in case you need financial help. Cancellation of a course must be made 10 days before course start or else you will be charged half the course fee.


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