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JFK Offshore Sweden
Rosengränd 4
302 93 Halmstad

Bankgiro: 137-5385
Org.nr: 556915-0138
Innehar F-skattebevis


Welcome to the best Offshore educations in Sweden

JFK Offshore is for those who wants to

Why JFK Offshore

According to Norwegian laws and regulations that requires  you to have either a certificate of competence or a *fagbrev to be allowed to work in the offshore industry. Norwegian laws requires an approved proof that you have expertise in your field. This applies to all. JFK Offshore gives you a Norwegian certificate of competence issued by SFS in Norway (sentralregisteret for sikkerhetsopplæring). * Fagbrev is the Norwegian equivalent of certificate of compentence, and is very difficult to obtain outside Norway.

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This really suits me. I love to switch between hard work and long leave. Sure, it can be tough to be away from the family for a couple of weeks and off course the long hours can be tough. You want to be busy to make time fly. The feeling that day, you know that the helicopter come for you, and you'll get to go back home, is absolutely indescribable.

Mattias Hedman
Former course participant

Mattias Hedman

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En del av JFK Sweden AB
Våra service- och underhållskurser ger dig möjlighet till arbete inshore/offshore i industrin. Att arbeta inom offshoreindustrin innebär arbete på olje-, gas- och vindkraftverk/plattformar


Bankgiro: 137-5385
Orgnr: 556915-0138
Innehar F-skattesedel
Bank giro: 137-5385
VAT: SE556915013801
Holds F-tax certificate

  • Rosengränd 4, 302 93 Halmstad
  • 035 - 12 93 10
  • Info@jfkoffshore.se
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Achilles Africa Membership
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