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JFK Offshore Sweden
Skallebackavägen 13
302 41 Halmstad

Bankgiro: 137-5385
Org.nr: 556915-0138
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Training session
The package prices

Package prices are for those who decide and plan in advance.

Package price for certified training comes when you book all three days at a time. It means that you come to us and go these three consecutive days.

Package price on the e -learning and riggerpraktiken is for you who book both theory and practice, within a timespan of 6 months, then we will give you a 1000 SEK discount.


Minimum number of participants is 5 people for each training session. The training must be fully paid before the certificate of competence can be issued. Payment of the e-learning must be made to access the login.

E-learning Login

When you booked your e-learning, an invoice will be sent to you via email. Once the invoice is paid and processed the login information will be sent to you via email. Only then can you begin your work with the theory.

Certified training

For those of you who choose certified training can proceed with the rigger course to become riggers


Good Morning Hotel
Single room : 700 SEK / night

Double (requires an even number of persons at booking. Details can be found in the section about the training session)

Price for double room: 400 per person / night

All prices are incl. VAT. To take advantage of our reduced partner-prices during your training you need a “booking code”, contact us for further information.

Now we can also help you with financing

Along with Wasa Kredit, a company within the Länsförsäkringar Alliance, we can offer you the option to pay through interest-free instalments in up to 12 months. Instalments are a simple and inexpensive way for you as a customer and you choose a payment plan that fits you the best. It is only on the training part you have the option of financing. The accommodation cost you must finance yourself.


Wasa kredit logotype

For more information contact us.

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Bankgiro: 137-5385
Orgnr: 556915-0138
Innehar F-skattesedel
Bank giro: 137-5385
VAT: SE556915013801
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  • Skallebackavägen 13,   302 41 Halmstad
  • 035 – 12 93 10
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