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JFK Offshore Sweden
Skallebackavägen 13
302 41 Halmstad

Bankgiro: 137-5385
Org.nr: 556915-0138
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Our courses

Rigger course

Provides you a future within the offshore industry as a slinger, rigger or banksman. The course opens up the possibilities of working within the inshore/offshore industry. There are different ways to take the rigger-course, depending how you want to go forth into the industry.

Fall Protection

Is an 8-hour training course aimed primarily for skilled workers such as construction workers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics and so on that will work at height. The Fall Protection-course is a requirement from Norway for working at a height over 2 meters. This course is included in our rigger course.

Flange work/Bolt tightening

Gives you the opportunity to work as for example a mechanic. This course is often a requirement for anyone working as a pipefitter or mechanic. It is also a very good addition to a rigger-course. We educate according to 1591-4 standard.Flänskurs Sträckverktyg

G 20 Fixed hydraulic crane

is the course that gives you a good knowledge of the crane’s design, function, maintenance and use. You must have the G11 certificate before you are allowed to do the G20. The course is in 16h with both theory and practice training.

Both theoretical and practical training

During the theoretical part we focus on strong basic understanding. Course participants will gain knowledge about the industry in general and about different materials as well as how to use them.
Course participants will also receive a basic knowledge of how to sling/hitch a load, which materials to use and what will happen to the material, depending on its condition.
Course participants will also receive information on how to move the load with the help of chain block and how you communicate with the operator, this operation is the practical part.

Regarding the courses G11, Flange Work/Bolt Tightening and Fall Protection, we will work mainly with lectures mixed with discussions between the participants and the trainer. From 2015 and on there is the option to do the theory part for the rigger-course as e-learning, meaning you can do this at home on your own computer at your own pace.

During the practical part which is at our training centre, you will receive a tutorial on how to write an attractive job resume intended for the offshore industry, as well as where and how and where to search for work. We also go through various rules about living in Sweden while working in Norway.

During this part, the student shall try to use his/her new knowledge, as well as gain an understanding of the teamwork involved. We provide personal protective equipment for this part but each participant must bring his or her own steel-toed safety shoes/boots.



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Våra service- och underhållskurser ger dig möjlighet till arbete inshore/offshore i industrin. Att arbeta inom offshoreindustrin innebär arbete på olje-, gas- och vindkraftverk/plattformar


Bankgiro: 137-5385
Orgnr: 556915-0138
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Bank giro: 137-5385
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