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JFK Offshore Sweden
Skallebackavägen 13
302 41 Halmstad

Bankgiro: 137-5385
Org.nr: 556915-0138
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The offshore industry

A exciting and different field

The offshore industry is very big in Norway, which has a good economy. Swedish workers in Norway generally have a very good reputation.

With our training, you are qualified to work in for example the gas-, oil- and wind power industry. The training as a rigger enables you to work as slinger, banksman or rigger. If you add flange work to your education you can work for example as a mechanic. If you also have prior knowledge in other areas, it helps of course. These previous skills might involve mechanical background, crane operation, plumbing, electrical work, welding etc. Only the 1-day fall protection course is required for those who already have another competency, such as electricians, welders etc.

What does it mean to work in the offshore industry?

Working in the offshore industry means that you work either inshore or offshore. The most common way is that you start inshore and later you get the opportunity to go offshore.


Inshore means that you work at a facility on land, gas plants, shipyards (where they build new rigs) or shipyards where servicing rigs is done etc. Inshore work most often means that you work 2 weeks and then you stay 2 weeks at home.

When you are going away on a job, the company pays “door to door”. It means you do not have to pay anything for the travel and living expenses while you are away. This covers travel, food and lodging.


Offshore means that you are out at sea (boat or platform). The situation is a bit different compared to inshore. During offshore work you are usually 2 weeks at the site and then stay at home for 4 weeks. Also here the employers pay for “door to door” travel. However, it is required that you have a safety training to get the opportunity to work offshore. Please ask us about further training in the industry.

Good to know:

The most common working hours within inshore or offshore is the day shift: 07:00-19:00 and for night shifts: 19:00-07:00

Employment agencies are very big in the offshore industry, it’s common that you begin your career with them.


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Våra service- och underhållskurser ger dig möjlighet till arbete inshore/offshore i industrin. Att arbeta inom offshoreindustrin innebär arbete på olje-, gas- och vindkraftverk/plattformar


Bankgiro: 137-5385
Orgnr: 556915-0138
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Bank giro: 137-5385
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